,, The adventure begins even before I realized it would be 'once upon a time'. My dolls had their own outfits sewn by my little hands, and every leftover fabric was another opportunity to express my creativity. 

I do not know how that child's play disappeared however when Marcel and Ona were born, that need of expression came back. 

The lack of Organic and Sustainable garments pushed me to look for responsible fabrics around the world, and altogether we converted that search into a playtime: rockets, dinosaurs, tractors, sheeps, stars....a diverse range of original prints took part of the fabrics' orders that came home to be converted into lovely garments. 

Today, when they draw in blank, they ask me if I need their help to develop a new print for our new project MARCELONA. And when they see the designs, they ask me when they will be able to wear them. ,,